This is a growing community of movers and shakers in the yachting industry who resonate with these three core values.

Ownership – Inspiration – Diversity

Organised by Damen Yachting, this community is brought together through an annual calendar of inspirational events and experiences.

Women in Yachting started in 2019 with our first all-female networking event during the Monaco Yacht Show. Back then, we wanted to bring together leading females in our industry who continue to pave the way for future generations, inspire others and break down stereotypes.

By creating a platform where experience can be shared, we have upheld our values and developed them. As we look to the future we are focussed on creating sophisticated and meaningful events to promote diversity in yachting.

Rose Damen
Managing Director Damen Yachting

Women are succeeding in every part of our industry. I’m proud that Damen Yachting is leading the way. In our own small way, our efforts are also contributing to greater social equality in the world. I hope that diversity – in all forms – will continue to grow and develop over the next decade and beyond.

MYS 2023

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